Conditions treated


Services provided

Electromyography:Neurophysiology study of muscles and nerves to help determine the cause of painful conditions due to neurological or nuscular diseases. conditions such as cervical or lumbar radiculopathy (Pinching of the nerve in the spine) and entrapment neuropathy such as caparl tunnel syndrome, cubical tunnel syndrome, and tarsal tunnel syndrome can be diagnosed and treated.

Botox injections for pain management and spasticity: The use of Botox is effective in treatment of painful muscle conditions such as myofascial pain cause by muscle imbalance due to poor body posture, injuries, and from many spine degeneration condition. Botxo works by inhibiting muscle contractions to help break the pain cycle and correct the underlying biomechanical problems of the spine. Botox injections is also effective in the treatment of spasticity as a result from conditions arising from strokes, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injuries. This help to restore functions, improves activities of daily living, and treatment of pain from affected extremities.

Joint Injections: The use of synvisc to treat mild to moderate degenerative joint disease affecting the knees who is experience knee pain that has not responded to or is intolerant to antiinflammatory medicine, cortisone injections, or in patients who are not surgical candidates. Synvisc injections involve a resies of 3 injections with goals to cortisone injections for painful conditions affecting the shoulders ellbows (tennis ellbow), hip, and knees.

Trigger Point Injection: Trigger points are tender muscle area which not only cause pain locally at the affected muscle in the spine, but also cause pain at a distance site. These points can also cause a sensation of "numbness or tingling" sensation taht could be mistaken for a pinch nerve. These points are seen in patients with myofascial pain syndrome causing neck and lower back pain. By injecting these points with local anesthetics and/or cortisone, one can help treat painful muscular pain in the neck and back.

Physical Therapy/Structural Integration Therapy to treat acute and chronic neck and lower backpin. Treatment consists of using modalities such as ice/heat, electrical stimulation, therepeutic exercises, ultrasound, and manual therapy that can help increase mobility and decrease pain in patients with chronic pain and musculoskeletal problems. Treatments help to strech nd lengthen soft tissue taht has hardened over time, leading to impaired joint mobility and postural misalignment.